Fire Suppression


When you’re managing a facility, you don’t play with fire — so make sure you’re working with the pros. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety’s fire suppression servicing sets a new gold standard for customer service and cutting-edge technology. Whether you need a fire suppression system installed or an old one retrofitted, Steel Mountain should be your first call.

State-of-the-Art Fire Suppression

Fire extinguishers and sprinklers can only do so much. For true fire protection, your facility  needs the latest tools in advanced wet chemicals and smart systems. Therefore, that’s why Steel Mountain installs state-of-the-art fire suppression systems from top brands like Ansul. These ultra-efficient systems contain fires from the moment they start. Many also operate independently with minimal human input.

Ansul systems like the R-102 use advanced proprietary wet chemicals to shut a fire down and keep it that way. It’s not enough to extinguish a flash fire thus preventing re-flash is absolutely critical. The R-102 uses Ansul’s Low pH Liquid Agent to immediately quell fires and cool the affected area. Then, the system forms a chemical “blanket” to prevent fuel sources like grease and electrical equipment from reigniting. If your fire protection system doesn’t give you this, you need to call Steel Mountain.

Fire Suppression Servicing for New Establishments

Fire suppression is an indispensable step to getting a new business up and running. Don’t let it intimidate you — Steel Mountain will certainly guide you every step of the way.

  • Professional guidance from fire protection engineers to help your establishment evaluate, plan, and install proven fire suppression systems
  • Experts in NFPA 17A and North Carolina state fire code compliance
  • Authorized dealer of Ansul and other top fire suppression brands
  • Integrate your kitchen’s fire protection system with building-wide fire safety systems

Fire Suppression Servicing for Existing Establishments

If your establishment needs a retrofit with modern code-compliant fire suppression systems, then Steel Mountain can help. We’ll see you through from start to finish. For instance, we make sure your employees thoroughly understand the technology.

  • Friendly and professional employee training on fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher use
  • Reduce your insurance liability through high-performance fire suppression systems
  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning services to remove dangerous blockages and obstructions
  • Full-scale retrofit operations to bring entire buildings up to code

Steel Mountain is a local Triangle company passionate about safety and helping other firms to reach their potential. To get in touch, visit the Contact Page or call 833-MTN-FIRE (833-686-3473).