commercial kitchen exhaust fan cleaningManaging a kitchen is hard work. As a kitchen manager, you oversee everything. Furthermore, along with all the cooking, preparing and following safety protocols, you must also clean your kitchen on a regular basis. This means hiring a professional cleaning service to comply with all rules and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Keeping your kitchen clean means keeping both your employees and customers safe. At the same time, you are protecting your business and property. For commercial kitchen exhaust fan cleaning you can trust, contact fire safety experts at Steel Mountain Fire & Safety.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be A Hassle

Kitchen managers and restaurant owners have a responsibility to keep their kitchen safe. However, no matter how clean employees are with cooking, grease, dirt, and dust are bound to eventually build up. Thus, it’s crucial that you schedule regular kitchen cleaning to take care of all the potentially dangerous grime. In addition to restaurants, any commercial building with a large kitchen is also in need of cleaning. So, churches, schools, hospitals, and offices with cafeterias are all in need of professional cleanings.

While commercial kitchen exhaust fan cleaning may seem like a stressful process, it won’t be when you call Steel Mountain. Providing quality cleaning services, they work to follow all safety protocols and comply with all NFPA rules. NFPA 96 regulates commercial and private cooking operations. Therefore, staying in compliance with these regulations minimizes the chance that a hazardous fire will start in your kitchen.

A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen

Steel Mountain uses only the best state-of-the-art steam machines that reach the high temperature of 330 degrees. Extreme temperatures are critical to clean bare metal and ensure the removal of every speck of dust, dirt and grease. Besides cleaning your exhaust fan, Steel Mountain can also clean your filters, the kitchen hood, and the standard steel exterior.

When your kitchen is clean, it’s a much more efficient work environment. Additionally, a clean kitchen ensures sparkling clean appliances, which will not only look better but perform better as well. Therefore, ditch the dirt and restore your kitchen to a clean state. To learn more about their cleaning services, email or call Steel Mountain at 833-686-3473. Cook in a clean, safe kitchen today!