fire extinguisher inspection Raleigh NCSafety for everyone within a facility has to be a priority for owners and managers. One of the best ways to achieve this is by having the proper equipment on hand. When it comes to a possible fire, extinguishers are essential. But, just having them isn’t enough; you have to know that they will work properly if needed. This is why regular inspections are so important. A fire extinguisher inspection Raleigh NC company can ensure that your extinguishers are in good working order. Not only that, they will train your staff to operate them properly in a fire emergency.

Why Do You Need to Have Your Extinguishers Inspected?

The obvious answer is so you will be able to help contain a fire if one breaks out. But, there are other reasons to work with a fire extinguisher inspection Raleigh NC company. There are laws and regulations with which you must comply, including:

National Agencies

Both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Fire Protection Association require regular extinguisher checks. If restaurants and other commercial facilities do not comply with these regulations, they could face penalties that include large fines. In addition, most insurance companies also mandate that businesses have their fire extinguishers inspected regularly.

Local Authorities

Also, companies need to make sure their extinguishers work in order to satisfy local regulations. Fire marshals can visit a business at any time. If they discover old or non-working extinguishers, this will also result in fines.

Work with an Experienced Fire Extinguisher Inspection Raleigh NC Company

As a business owner, you definitely don’t want to put anyone in danger or have to pay any fines. These regulations apply equally to restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and public buildings. So, the best way to avoid fines with regard to your extinguishers is to have them inspected. At Steel Mountain Fire & Safety, our pros will take a close look at your extinguishers. We will ensure that not only do they work, but that they’re in the right areas around your business. Plus, our inspections include checking to see that they are fully compliant with OSHA and the NFPA. In addition, we can supply you with new extinguishers if need be. For a free consultation, contact us.