commercial fire protection servicesEvery business is susceptible to fire. If the business has a kitchen or cooking equipment, this risk increases dramatically. Fire can threaten inventory and equipment. Worse, it presents a grave threat to customers and staff. However, the good news is that fire can be preventable. With commercial fire protection services from Steel Mountain Fire & Safety, you can ensure your business stays safe.

Fire Extinguishers

Without a doubt, a fire extinguisher is the single most useful piece of equipment businesses can own. Steel Mountain supplies only superior products from the most trusted brands. Even better, they offer maintenance options to keep your equipment operational and dependable. So, stay safe and rest assured your equipment is up to the latest standards.

Best of all, Steel Mountain offers fire extinguisher training services, which is often required for many businesses. Steel Mountain offers a wide range of services to fit the needs of your business. They can train your entire company on scheduled days so that your employees can learn together. Or they can offer smaller, individualized classes. Whatever your need, Steel Mountain can help you and your employees be prepared. Discuss your business with them today to see how their options can save your business valuable time and money.

Fire Suppression Systems

The heat that results from food preparation is unavoidable. But, this ongoing use of heat sources in a kitchen is a major risk. Flames and high temperatures are some of the most common causes of fire. However, proper handling of this heat can keep businesses running smoothly. Fire suppression systems from Steel Mountain can help you prepare for a fire. Moreover, these systems work even when no one is around to use a fire extinguisher.

Steel Mountain installs new systems and also retrofits old ones. They only carry systems from the top brands, like Ansul, to give their customers quality. These systems are extremely efficient and contain fires from the moment they start. Best of all, they form a chemical blanket that prevents fires from re-igniting.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

The exhaust hood is one of the most vulnerable places for fires to originate. As food is cooked, grease gets trapped in the hood, which builds up over time. Steel Mountain uses steam cleaners that reach 330 degrees Fahrenheit to remove this build-up. Their experts will clean the hood, the exhaust fan, filters, and all exterior equipment. Hood cleaning from Steel Mountain is the best way to keep your restaurant—and customers—safe.

Commercial Fire Protection Services by the Experts

Steel Mountain Fire & Safety has one goal in mind: keeping people safe. They have more than 20 years of valuable experience doing so. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Steel Mountain has the quality products and experts to protect your business. They are the most knowledgeable and friendly in the industry. Steel Mountain offers comprehensive commercial fire protection services to keep their customers’ businesses safe. Today, give them a call at 833-686-3473 to see how they can help you.