hood cleaningOperating a restaurant often comes with many challenges. None of these is bigger than installing and maintaining a reliable and effective fire prevention system. From hot stove parts to controlled flames, fire is a risk inherent to all types of cooking. In fact, it isn’t only restaurants that are at risk. Schools, churches, hospitals, and other facilities face the same challenges. So, taking measures to mitigate risk, such as commercial exhaust hood cleaning services, can keep your business safe.

That’s why it is imperative to take the proper precautions. And, the silver lining to these risks is that fire can be very preventable. Regular maintenance and verification of equipment drastically reduce this risk. However, this service must come from a reliable provider in order to be fully effective. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety has more than 20 years of experience helping make Raleigh, Cary, and Durham businesses safe.

Commercial Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Since restaurants attract large groups of patrons, it is necessary that they keep those customers and their staff safe. Therefore, with fire being such a prevalent risk, fire prevention services are absolutely essential for restaurants and other businesses. Usually, the exhaust hood is one of the most vulnerable places for devastating fires to originate. As cooking volume increases, grease builds up over time in the exhaust hood. Commercial exhaust hood cleaning services from Steel Mountain can keep your establishment—and everyone inside—safe.

In addition, Steel Mountain offers several other fire prevention services:

  • Fire extinguishers – These are the single most useful piece of equipment businesses can own. Steel Mountain supplies only the best products from the most trusted brands. Their experts even offer maintenance services to ensure your equipment is functioning an on ongoing basis. Stay up to the latest standards and rest easy by letting them prepare you.
  • Suppression systems – Heat, always prevalent in restaurants, is something that you must deal with. Therefore, fire suppression systems from Steel Mountain can help you prepare for when this does happen. They can even retrofit your old or outdated system.
  • Education – Steel Mountain can train employees how to use the fire extinguishers and fire suppression system. Training can take place on your schedule to ensure everyone knows exactly what to do in case of a fire emergency.
  • Inspection – Highly trained technicians can ensure that your facility is in compliance with all NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) standards. That organization issues regulations for all types of businesses and buildings, including kitchen hood cleaning standards. Steel Mountain ensures that when a fire inspector visits your building, you will be in compliance and will not face a fine.

Get your kitchen in top-notch shape with Steel Mountain today!

In summary, the best measure you can take to mitigate fire risk is to ensure your exhaust hood is clean. In order for this cleaning to be most effective, Steel Mountain uses only premier steam machines. As a result, using this equipment completely removes the trapped grease from all parts and crevices.

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