Ansul fire suppression systemWhen you own a business, your focus should be on effectively running the business. You shouldn’t be worrying about the risk of a fire. While you take extra precautions and follow every safety protocol, accidents happen and unexpected fires can start. If you own a business with a kitchen, you’re at risk. Furthermore, businesses with kitchens cooking large amounts of food are even more at risk. This includes, but is not limited to restaurants, churches, schools, and hospitals. Therefore, you need to install an Ansul fire suppression system from Steel Mountain Fire & Safety. The best fire suppression system for any commercial kitchen, Ansul puts safety first.

No Kitchen Is Complete Without an Ansul Fire Suppression System

Too often, fires occur in commercial kitchens. You spend all your time managing your business but find yourself unprepared when a fire unexpectedly happens. That’s why you need an Ansul fire suppression system to stop fires the second they begin. Although helpful against small fires, fire extinguishers and sprinklers are often ineffective against large fires. Moreover, a fire can get a head start if no one is in the area to use an extinguisher immediately. Thus, Steel Mountain perfected their fire suppression systems to be state-of-the-art and effective against large kitchen fires.

Steel Mountain’s fire suppression systems come from Ansul, one of the top brands to manufacture fire safety products. Specifically, the system Steel Mountain uses is the R-102. This system uses advanced proprietary wet chemicals that extinguish and prevent the fire from restarting. It does this by using Ansul’s Low pH Liquid Agent to extinguish the fire and cool the area. The system then forms a chemical “blanket” over the area to protect fuel sources from spreading. Hence, the R-102 doesn’t just stop the fire, it also protects the compromised surrounding area.

Do You Have an Old Fire Suppression System in Need of An Upgrade?

If you have an old, out-of-date fire suppression system, Steel Mountain can still help. First, they’ll inspect your system. Then, they will bring it up to current building codes. Additionally, Steel Mountain will see you through the entire process, including training your staff on the technology. Call them for more information. Bring safety back to your kitchen with an Ansul Fire Suppression System from Steel Mountain.