hood cleaningHood Cleaning for Your Commercial Kitchen

Kitchen managers and restaurant owners know that good food and service aren’t the only keys to success. It’s also important to have a clean and safe facility. Maintaining the restaurant’s equipment is as important as maintaining a clean kitchen. Due to grease build-up in commercial kitchens, exhaust hoods can become a fire hazard over time. Accordingly, hood cleaning is a critical component of your kitchen maintenance.

Your hood is a key element of your building’s exhaust system. A dirty hood runs poorly. As a result, fumes and cooking smoke can back up and cause discomfort for the staff. Greasy smoke leaves a residue on kitchen surfaces, making it harder to clean. And customers might complain about bad air or odors coming from a kitchen with a dirty hood. Scheduling a regular hood cleaning protects your investment and your customers.

Any building with a commercial kitchen needs to have its hood cleaned on a regular basis. Insurance companies, the fire marshal, and the health inspector require this service. The most common frequency for a cleaning is every three months, though this can vary. Different kinds of restaurants may require more frequent cleaning. Other kitchens with oven hoods or non-grease appliances may only require attention once a year.

Therefore, some establishments with kitchens that should have hoods cleaned regularly include:

  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hospitals/Convalescent Homes
  • Offices with Cafeterias
  • Convenience Stores/Gas Stations
  • Food Trucks

Steel Mountain Fire & Safety Provides Great Service

Steel Mountain Fire & Safety boasts the most qualified technicians in the industry. They invest in their employees to keep you, your customers, and your investment safe. They also use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best results for your hood cleaning service. Their steam machines reach temperatures of 330°. Consequently, this high temperature is necessary for cleaning bare metal. In addition to the hood, they also clean exhaust fans and standard steel exteriors.

Steel Mountain Fire & Safety is NFPA compliant. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is a nonprofit organization committed to establishing rules and regulations for fire prevention. NFPA 96 specifically addresses protection of commercial cooking operations.

Contact Steel Mountain Fire & Safety today for kitchen hood maintenance. They also provide other fire safety services, like fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers.