commercial fire protectionNorth Carolina has established commercial fire protection laws and regulations that apply to all building types. This thirty-eight page PDF that addresses NC fire codes is tough to read and understand. Yet, these codes are mandatory and you must implement them in your commercial building.

Take the headache out of understanding all of the fine print. Call experts that know and understand these codes and laws. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety has 20 years of experience helping businesses like yours stay up to code.

3 Types of Commercial Fire Protection

Fire Extinguishers

No matter if your business has a kitchen or not, you must have a fire extinguisher on site. It has to be visible and easy to access. Moreover, you need to have fully-charged and routinely-inspected extinguishers. OSHA standards require employers to have employees trained on how to use a fire extinguisher.

Fire Suppression System

The new state-of-the-art fire suppression system takes care of a flash fire the moment it starts. It covers a fire with advanced property wet chemicals. This chemical not only extinguishes a fire, but also prevents it from restarting.

A fire suppression system is truly a necessary addition to new builds. Likewise, existing buildings should install this fire suppression system. Both only require a call to Steel Mountain Fire & Safety.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

One of the most common fire-start areas in a building is in the kitchen. Specifically, due to grease build-up on kitchen exhaust hoods.

Steel Mountain Fire & Safety uses steam cleaning to clean hoods. For a thorough cleaning of bare metal, the steam machines reach temperatures up-to 330 degrees. Additionally, technicians will clean the steel around the hood, filters and exhaust fan.

Why Steel Mountain Fire & Safety

The fire suppression brands they use are high-quality and top-rated, and reasonably priced. Their technicians are experts in NFPA 17A and North Carolina state fire code compliance. In turn, that means they are the ideal choice when it comes to your commercial fire protection needs.