hood cleaning serviceGrease, grime, ash, and other cooking by-products accumulate easily and quickly inside commercial kitchen hoods. That’s why using a reputable hood cleaning service is extremely important for safety in a food service workplace. Fortunately, Steel Mountain Fire and Safety is here to help.

Here is Why Your Commercial Kitchen Needs Hood Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 96 code dictates how often a commercial kitchen needs its hood inspected. Currently, inspection frequency varies among different types of cooking operations. Solid-fuel cooking operations, such as wood-fired grills, can require inspection as frequently as once a month.

If you haven’t properly cleaned your kitchen exhaust hood, you’re risking fines, shutdown, or fires. But, if you’re cleaning your hood yourself or having your employees do it, you’re risking injuries or an incomplete job. Therefore, the smart way around this problem is to hire a reputable hood cleaning service like Steel Mountain Fire and Safety.

A Hood Cleaning Service That Outperforms the Others

Our staff has over 20 years of experience in commercial fire protection. And, that’s how we’ve developed a superior technique for cleaning commercial kitchen hoods:

  • Steam-cleaning at temperatures of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Strip away hard-to-remove layers of grease and grime
  • Complete steam cleaning blasts dirt out of hard-to-reach places like fan housings

Also, we take pride in our complete dedication to customer service:

  • Crews that arrive on time and respect your space
  • Quick and efficient work that doesn’t sacrifice quality
  • Flexible scheduling — we clean at the time that works for you
  • Experienced employees with years of qualifications
  • A full range of fire protection services (see below)

Our Full Range of Services

Today, Steel Mountain offers the complete range of services you need to keep your commercial kitchen efficient and safe:

  • Fire extinguisher sales/maintenance
  • Extinguisher training
  • Suppression system sales/maintenance
  • Retrofitting old buildings with fire-suppression systems

To find out more about hood cleaning service from Steel Mountain, call us at 833-686-3473 or contact us. Let us show you why we’re the Research Triangle’s most trusted name in fire protection servicing!