kitchen hood cleaning servicesBusinesses can never be too safe, when it comes to fire. This is why having the right tools on hand – like fire extinguishers – is so important. But there are also protocols that organizations should follow. If there is a kitchen in your facility, it needs cleaning often, especially the hood, since grease builds up quickly. This is why hiring a company that provides kitchen hood cleaning services is essential.

What Steel Mountain Fire & Safety Offers

At Steel Mountain, we understand how vital kitchens are for many businesses. Restaurants clearly could not operate without them, but they are also important for places like schools and hospitals. This is why we specialize in kitchen hood cleaning. We utilize steam machines that reach 330 degrees. At this temperature, we can easily remove all of the accumulated grease and grime. We offer thorough cleanings of the hood as well as the exhaust fan and filters. Not only does this keep employees and customers safe, it also protects the building.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Will Keep Your Business in Compliance with the NFPA

In addition to providing a safer environment, Steel Mountain also helps businesses comply with the NFPA. This is an organization that has rules for fire safety all companies have to follow. NFPA 96 concerns commercial cooking, and our technicians are highly familiar with it and how to adhere to its standards.

Don’t Put Your Business in Danger

Your business may have an evacuation plan or other tactics in place for a possible fire. However, being proactive is the best way to avoid a fire altogether. Additionally, we offer the latest technology in fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers. A fire suppression system will protect your property even if a fire starts with no one around to use an extinguisher.

If your kitchen hood has not been cleaned in a while, get in touch with Steel Mountain. Our kitchen hood cleaning services will make sure your cooking equipment does not pose any sort of hazard. For a free consultation, you can call us at 833-686-3473 or just fill out our online contact form.