kitchen exhaust hoodWhen was the last time your facility’s kitchen exhaust hood got a thorough cleaning? Look inside yours and you might find that it’s past time! Grease, grime, and combustion products from cooking accumulate easily inside a vent hood. This accumulation can present a serious fire risk, which is why laws are strict about keeping these hoods clean.

You need to know how to tell when you’re due for a cleaning. And when you are, call Steel Mountain Fire and Safety — North Carolina’s premier exhaust hood cleaning experts. We know the law, we know the systems, and we know how to keep you safe.

When to Have Your Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaned

Table 11.4 of the NFPA 96 dictates how often inspectors must examine your facility’s exhaust hood. Different types of cooking systems need inspection at different intervals. These range from once a year (low-volume facilities like houses of worship) to once a month (solid-fuel commercial restaurants.) To pass inspection, your kitchen exhaust hood must keep grease accumulation at or below acceptable levels. The NFPA provides clear standards for when you need to clean the grease off of the hood.

  • You can determine whether your exhaust hood needs cleaning by using a depth gauge comb, as show in NFPA 96 figure
  • Facilities must clean their hoods when they accumulate over 0.078 inches of grease.
  • Facilities must clean their fan housings when they accumulate over 0.125 inches of grease.

Complete Fire Safety Solutions from Steel Mountain

Before an inspection, there shouldn’t be any doubts that your facility is up to code. Steel Mountain Fire and Safety is the name you can trust for the deep, detailed cleaning you need. We provide a full range of fire protection services, from exhaust hood cleaning to suppression system installation, including:

  • Steam cleaning at up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit to strip grease from the interior of your exhaust hood
  • Thorough cleaning of your hood, ductwork and fan housing for a 360° deep clean
  • Fully NFPA 96 compliant servicing from trained professionals
  • Fire suppression system installation and servicing
  • Fire extinguisher stocking and employee fire extinguisher training

Don’t just guess whether your kitchen exhaust hood is clean enough — test it, measure it, then call Steel Mountain. We have the tools and expertise to protect your patrons and your facility. Start with a quote or set up an appointment, call [[PHONE NUMBER]] or use our [[CONTACT LINK]].