commercial oven hood cleaningIn an industrial kitchen, there are many hazards to consider. Fortunately, most of them are quite obvious. And, therefore, easy to avoid with some basic safety rules. For example, you should never place flammable material near heat sources. Furthermore, keeping fire extinguishers updated is imperative. However, there is another fire hazard that lurks in an area that you may not consider often. Above your stoves, it lies in the exhaust hood. To avoid catastrophe, you must opt for professional commercial oven hood cleaning to keep your cooking area safe.

Remember, these rules apply to any commercial kitchen, including those in schools, churches, large companies or healthcare facilities.

How to Find the Best Commercial Oven Hood Cleaning Professional

To find the best commercial oven hood cleaning professional, you must consider several factors. Foremost, you need a company with proven experience. Fortunately, Steel Mountain Fire & Safety has over 20 years with one goal in mind – keeping people safe. In addition to cleaning, we install fire suppression systems that put out fires before they become a larger problem. These systems work quickly, even when there is no one around to use an extinguisher. Also, we supply you with the proper amount of fire extinguishers and keep them up to code.

Additionally, you should only deal with a business that understands NFPA regulations. In fact, it’s not just about understanding the rules. Preventative and operational fire safety requires expertise combined with proven practices that reduce potential fire hazards. Likewise, you need the best tools available for commercial oven hood cleaning needs. Although owners and managers may know what to do and how to do it, the equipment is even more important.

How to Keep Your Hood Clean

Keep in mind, there are a few basic strategies to keep your kitchen hood clean. They include:

  • Maintaining the air filter – remove and clean according to factory instructions
  • Cleaning the range hood itself – when cool, use a spray degreaser for surface areas that you can reach
  • Caring for the motor – remove and clean with degreaser as needed

However, there are parts and places that you simply can’t reach or properly remove grease build-up. Ultimately, you need a professional to keep your kitchen safe. Grease is ubiquitous; it hides in opportune and flammable spaces. In those areas, steam cleaning is your best answer. For this reason, Steel Mountain uses top-of-the-line steam machines that reach temperatures of 330 degrees. In fact, there is no other product on the market that can achieve similar goals to properly clean bare metal. If you want your grease gone, Steel Mountain literally melts it away.

Today, contact Steel Mountain for your free consultation. We look forward to sharing all that we have to offer to keep your industrial kitchen safe!