commercial kitchen exhaust fan cleaningIf you own a restaurant, you probably already know that you need commercial kitchen exhaust fan cleaning services. However, there are many other businesses in the Triangle area that aren’t restaurants but require the same services. In fact, any facility using a kitchen needs their hood cleaned periodically. Correspondingly, churches, schools, hospitals and any business with a cafeteria must take precautions to keep their staff and customers safe.

Steam Works Best for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Steam cleaning isn’t just for your carpet. If you know a little about kitchens, you can imagine that the super-heated vapor works brilliantly on built-up grease and smoke. Although, our machines look a little differently than traditional steam cleaners. Can you imagine lugging those into an exhaust fan?!

However, the concept is similar. In order to clean bare metal, our top-of-the-line steam machines reach 330 degrees. That’s some serious heat! In addition to the hood, our commercial kitchen exhaust fan cleaning services include fan, filters and standard steel exteriors. Consequently, your facility gets the best cleaning possible from Steel Mountain Fire & Safety!

Keeping Your Customers and Employees Safe

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) ensures safety from potential fire hazards. To legally maintain a kitchen in Raleigh, Cary or Durham, you must comply with their rules & regulations. Fortunately, Steel Mountain is familiar with these mandates and can help ensure your kitchen is up to code. These rules protect lives, property and your entire business.

First, regular maintenance is a must to prevent accidents in the first place. Notably, grease is a flash fire waiting to happen. When you cook, it manages to travel all over your stove and settle in your exhaust fans. Regular commercial kitchen exhaust fan cleaning stops tragedies before they start.

Second, having a fire-suppression system optimizes your extinguishing capabilities. Steel Mountain installs fire-suppression systems that put fires out before they become a bigger problem. Also, fire extinguishers are critical. Truly, they are a necessity in every home and business. Ultimately, the NFPA requires them to be present in establishments with kitchens. We can help confirm that yours are up to code and up-to-date!

Additionally, we offer training to your employees. There are many types of commercial fire extinguishers and suppression systems. Therefore, It is important for everyone working near them to be able to use them quickly in an emergency.

Finally, what are you waiting for? Today, give us a call at 833-MTN-FIRE or send a message through our online contact form. Above all, we look forward to helping you keep your kitchen safe!