kitchen exhaust cleaningCommercial kitchens can be a problem to keep clean. Used regularly to cook large amounts of food, they can quickly attract dirt, grease and grime. While they do affect performance, these items can also be hazardous. Therefore, it’s important to regularly have your kitchen cleaned. But, you are busy running your business and don’t always have time to clean your kitchen. So, for the best kitchen exhaust cleaning in Raleigh, Cary, and Durham, call Steel Mountain Fire & Safety.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Should Happen on A Regular Basis

It’s the responsibility of every business to ensure safe working conditions for their employees. Likewise, they also have a duty to ensure the safety of their customers. Businesses dealing with food services or businesses with kitchens should have regularly-scheduled cleanings. These businesses include schools, restaurants, churches, offices with cafeterias, and hospitals. All these facilities have kitchens cooking enormous amounts of food, causing excess grease and grime. Furthermore, these items are flammable, which is why you shouldn’t wait to clean your kitchen.

Using top-of-the-line steam machines, Steel Mountain thoroughly cleans kitchens. Their kitchen hood cleaning service ensures a clean and safe kitchen for any business. In fact, they’ll steam clean your kitchen’s exhaust using their steam machines which climb to temperatures of 330 degrees. Moreover, that hot temperature is essential for getting dirt and grime off bare metal. Areas of your kitchen which need special cleaning are the hood, the exhaust fan, filters and the standard steel exterior. Steel Mountain will clean these areas and leave your kitchen looking and working its best.

Steel Mountain’s Top Priorities Are Ensuring Safety and Protecting Property

Founded in 1896, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a nonprofit organization created to ensure safety from fires. They established rules and regulations protecting against all potential fire hazards. Steel Mountain is committed to following these rules and regulations and complying with all safety protocols. Of course, this includes NFPA 96, the rule which regulates the cleaning of commercial cooking facilities. Additionally, besides their cleaning service, Steel Mountain provides quality customer service and satisfaction to every cleaning.

For the best kitchen exhaust cleaning for your business, call Steel Mountain at 833-686-3473. Or, request a free quote.