kitchen exhaust cleaningRestaurants and other businesses face a number of risks. Fire is one of the biggest risks to restaurants. Hot food, controlled flames, and other equipment make fire a very real hazard. The good news, however, is that fire can be very preventable. Through regular maintenance and verification of functionality, managers can greatly mitigate the risk of fire. But it takes experts with years of experience to truly make a restaurant or business safe. Restaurant owners in the Raleigh, Cary and Durham areas are in luck. Let the experts at Steel Mountain Fire & Safety utilize their 20 years of experience to help protect your employees, patrons and property. From kitchen exhaust cleaning to fire extinguisher services, Steel Mountain has the experts that can help.

Since restaurants attract large groups of people, they have a responsibility to make sure those customers are safe. Because fire is such a prevalent risk, fire prevention services are absolutely essential for restaurants and other businesses. One of the most common risks for fire is in the exhaust hood. During the cooking process, trapped grease can build up on the hood and other equipment. The exhausts become very dangerous over time. Kitchen exhaust cleaning services from Steel Mountain can keep your restaurant—and those inside the restaurant—safe.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and Many Other Services

In addition to ensuring your exhaust hood is safe, Steel Mountain offers several other fire prevention services:

  • Fire extinguishers—fire extinguishers are the single most useful piece of equipment businesses can own. Steel Mountain supplies top-quality products from the most trusted brands. They offer extinguisher maintenance services as well, to ensure extinguishers operate correctly. By knowing they are up to the latest standards, you can rest assured. Steel Mountain even offers training for your staff to guarantee proper usage.
  • Fire suppression systems—restaurants and other businesses with hot equipment are naturally at risk of fire. It is often not a matter of if, but rather when, the fire will occur. That is why fire suppression systems are so important. Steel Mountain can help mitigate this risk with the latest fire suppression systems. They can also help you retrofit your old or outdated system.

You can prevent the potential damage of a fire by calling in professionals to manage the risk. If you are in the Raleigh, NC area, you need to contact Steel Mountain Fire & Safety. Their experience and knowledge of all fire prevention equipment, laws and regulations can save property and lives. Contact them today at 833.686.3473 and rest easy tonight.