fire suppression systemThere is a common theme in the news of today: unpredictability. You just never know what could happen. At any time, some sort of calamity might strike. It may be related to any number of things, including weather or just human error. This is why preparing for any possible eventuality is always worthwhile. As a business owner in particular, it pays to take a proactive approach with safety. While you may have some protocols in place, is a fire suppression system one of them?

Which type of business needs a fire suppression system in place?

Pretty much any building could be at risk for a potential fire. However, there are some that need a suppression system more than others. It is vital that businesses that utilize stoves, ovens, and other cooking components should have safety measures in place. This list includes restaurants, schools, and hospitals.

How does a suppression system work?

Once installed, a suppression system will contain a fire as soon as it starts. The system utilizes wet chemicals to blanket the area so the fire is incapable of spreading. Often, even after a fire seems to be out, grease or electrical equipment can re-ignite. A suppression system will prevent that from happening.

For a new system or to retrofit your old system, count on Steel Mountain Fire & Safety

You need to do whatever you can to keep your business protected. If you don’t have a fire suppression system in place, Steel Mountain Fire & Safety will provide an assessment. We will then determine the best system for you and install it in compliance with local regulations. If your business uses an old system, chances are it is out of date. We will make sure it is working properly and retrofitted to be code compliant. Get in touch with us now for a free consultation.