fire extinguisher serviceFire extinguisher service is necessary for businesses to keep up with safety standards. There should be several fire extinguishers in each building. These fire extinguishers require routine maintenance and employee training. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety offer all of these services.

Fire Extinguisher Purchases

Opening a new business and need fire extinguishers? Steel Mountain Fire & Safety has you covered. They carry two trusted brands that companies rely on and have for many years. Ansul and Amarex are two brands recognized world-wide, and they meet national and international code requirements. If you need specialty fire extinguishers or a variety of stored-pressure types, they can help you with those too.

Routine Maintenance and Inspection

Once your company has the proper amount of fire extinguishers, you must keep them up to date. Keeping fire extinguishers up to code is an important OSHA requirement. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety performs all fire extinguisher service necessities, including keeping them fully charged and operational. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety also verifies that your fire extinguishers are in the proper areas.

Employee Training

It is also very important to make sure all of your employees know how to operate your fire extinguishers. All employees should know each fire extinguisher’s location and how to work them. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety can make sure your employees receive proper training. Contact them at 833-MTN-FIRE (833-686-3473) to schedule an appointment. They can train your whole staff at once. This saves time and ensures that everyone receives the same information.

Fire Extinguisher Service Keeps You in Compliance with OSHA

As the workplace changes, OSHA safety demands continue to change. Let Steel Mountain Fire & Safety keep you out of hot water with the Fire Marshal. They handle all of your fire extinguisher service needs. From sales to training to maintenance, Steel Mountain has everything you need to keep your property and employees safe.