commercial kitchen hood cleaning servicesTime to clean your commercial kitchen’s vent hood again? It’s no joke — but it doesn’t have to be a messy nuisance! Experts recommend commercial kitchen hood cleaning services to clean all the hard-to-reach places and protect your equipment. And when you’re dealing with fire safety, you want nothing less than the best. That’s why you need Raleigh-Durham-Cary’s most trusted name in fire protection: Steel Mountain Fire and Safety.

When You Need Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

Commercial cooking operations, no matter how clean and well-run, always accumulate grease and grime in their exhaust hoods. You need to clean out that gunk periodically. To save time and maintain safety, most restaurant owners hire professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning services to do it.

The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA sets fire safety standards for commercial kitchens. The guidelines in NFPA 96 govern when you need to get your vent hood inspected and cleaned.

How often will you need this done? It depends on what type of kitchen you run.

  • Low-volume kitchens like day camps or houses of worship may only require a single annual inspection.
  • Most moderate or high-volume kitchens (including most restaurants) need semi-annual or quarterly inspections.
  • Solid-fuel cooking operations such as wood-fired grills must have monthly inspections.

Why Steel Mountain is the Name the Triangle Trusts

Triangle business owners put their fire safety in our hands every day, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our three-pronged approach is why Triangle restaurateurs continue to choose us:

  • High Standards: Our powerful steam cleaning goes where the competition can’t. We’ll blast the grime out of your ductwork with 300-degree steam cleaning that gets into all the nooks and crannies. This method is great for getting to tough areas like the fan housing where grease often accumulates.
  • Professional Service: We respect your time, your business, and your money. Our invoices are clear and professional, and our crews are punctual and respectful.
  • Complete Protection: Steel Mountain also offers fire extinguisher and fire suppression system installation and servicing. We’re proud to address our clients’ fire safety needs in the most holistic way possible.

Don’t take chances with your establishment’s fire safety. Commercial kitchen hood cleaning services from Steel Mountain will help keep your kitchen safe and clean. To set up an appointment or request a quote, call us at 833-686-3473 or use our online form. Go with the name that stands for high quality, service, and thoroughness — go with Steel Mountain!