commercial fire protection servicesNot only are commercial fire protection services critical, they also give us peace of mind. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety has perfected these services, along with the training to go with them. They will come to your business or facility to take care of necessary fire safety needs. In addition, they will train you and your employees on the most up-to-date fire safety procedures.

Fire Extinguishers

All commercial buildings and businesses must have a fire extinguisher on the premises. They must mount it in sight for all employees. OSHA requires these employees to have training in proper fire extinguisher operations. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety will train you and your employees on fire extinguisher safety and usage. Therefore, you will all be ready in case of a fire.

In addition, OSHA requires that you must maintain fire extinguishers in a fully-charged state and they must be operating properly. Steel Mountain trained technicians will service and inspect portable fire extinguishers. Their goal is to make your business compliant with all regulations and ready for the Fire Marshal inspection.

Fire Suppression System

Steel Mountain services and installs the most up-to-date fire suppression systems. This advanced wet chemical and smart system surpasses the abilities of fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. It has the uncanny ability to stop fires the moment they ignite.

Sometimes, fires begin when there is no one in the area. Of course, fire extinguishers cannot control a fire when there is no one to operate them. In that instance, fire suppression systems are priceless. They can save property and keep a business operating with no lost revenue.

The wet ingredients extinguish and cool the fire area by coating it with a chemical blanket. Moreover, this helps prevent the fire from re-igniting. If you want to install this system in your commercial building or update an existing one, contact Steel Mountain.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchens are the rooms in which a fire is most likely to ignite. Fires can start from grease build-up or stovetop accidents involving flammable ingredients. That is why it is essential for commercial buildings to clean commercial kitchen hoods on a regular basis.

Steel Mountain uses steam machines that reach temperatures of 330 degrees Fahrenheit. These high temperatures are necessary to clear grease build-up on metal surfaces. In addition to cleaning hoods, they also clean exhaust fans and filters.

Commercial Fire Protection Services by Steel Mountain Fire & Safety

With twenty years of experience, Steel Mountain Fire & Safety’s priority is keeping their customers safe. Their trained and certified technicians will provide you with protective and preventative fire services. They also understand that customer service is vital. This is why they offer exceptional customer support and use only the best products on the market.

Commercial fire protection services are Steel Mountain Fire & Safety’s specialty. So, why wouldn’t you call the experts when it comes to something as significant as fire safety? Contact them today to discuss your fire safety needs.