commercial fire protection servicesThere are many things to consider when you have a commercial business or establishment. Coupled with multiple regulations and codes to follow, it can all be overwhelming. Some of the most critical requirements relate to fire safety. You will need a provider for your commercial fire protection services to protect your business and property.

Make your job easier by hiring Steel Mountain Fire & Safety. They provide an entire range of services that you will need. Their professional technicians hold training classes and install and service fire protection equipment. Along with all that, they also clean potential fire-prone areas.

Commercial Fire Protection Services

  • Fire Extinguishers – Whether your commercial building has a kitchen or not, you’re required to have a fire extinguisher. Additionally, OSHA requires fire extinguisher training for all employees. OSHA also requires that you place all fire extinguishers in easy access areas. Other fire extinguisher requirements are: they need to be serviced, charged and properly operating at all times.
  • Fire Suppression Servicing – A fire suppression system can choke out a fire before it starts. Instead of traditional water sprinklers, this uses an advance proprietary wet chemical, like R-102. This chemical extinguishes a fire and cools the surrounding area. Then it covers the affected area to keep fuel sources from reigniting. Fire suppression servicing easily incorporates into new building plans. Plus, adding one to existing buildings is an option.
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning – When a business or establishment has a kitchen, it’s important that it is up to NFPA 96 standards. NFPA is the National Fire Protection Association. Having a clean kitchen hood is essential to preventing a fire. Technicians clean by steaming the kitchen hoods at temperatures reaching 330 degrees. Moreover, they clean exhaust fans and filters.

Why Steel Mountain Fire & Safety?

Steel Mountain Fire & Safety has 20 years of experience providing all of these services. Their number one goal is to keep people safe!

They offer the best products in the industry and train qualified technicians. Consequently, they achieve superb customer satisfaction and their clients meet all safety regulations.

Commercial fire protection services will help prevent possible fires. Plus, it can help extinguish ones that do start. For the best possible preventative and protection services, call Steel Mountain Fire & Safety.