Ansul systemIf you are responsible for an organization that houses a kitchen then you need fire prevention services. Ansul is a leader in premium fire extinguishing equipment. Some of the establishments that need an Ansul system may surprise you. Although restaurants may be first to come to mind, the law requires many commercial facilities to have fire suppression systems. In fact, churches, schools, and even soup kitchens are just a few within the Triangle area with fire safety measures in place.

How to Find the Best Fire Suppression System

While searching for a fire suppression system, you must consider several things. First, your facility needs the best technology and tools. Steel Mountain Fire & Safety installs ultra-efficient systems that operate with minimal human input. Furthermore, these systems use proprietary wet chemicals that shut down fires and keep them at bay. Preventing re-flash is absolutely critical in fire management.

Secondly, if you are located near Raleigh, Cary or Durham, you need experts familiar with NC state fire code compliance. Therefore, to help ensure safety, fire protection engineers guide you through all the processes. From evaluation to planning and installation, Steel Mountain makes certain that you meet all the fire safety requirements.

Finally, consider other benefits. Not only does a high-performance system reduce insurance liability, it can save you money. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning services remove dangerous blockages. This, in turn, can also save you costly repairs and possible equipment damage.

How an Ansul System Keeps You Safer

An Ansul system is one of your safest options. National and independent international laboratories test their products ensuring they meet the highest standards. Additionally, history stands behind their products. In 1939, Ansul introduced their inaugural device to the marketplace featuring the first cartridge-operated, dry chemical fire extinguisher. Furthermore, the Ansul Fire and Technology Center maintains the most extensive fire research and training facility in the world.

Speaking of training, authorized Ansul dealers regularly attend training programs. As a result, Steel Mountain Fire & Safety technicians share that knowledge with our customers. We ensure that you and your employees know how to safely operate and maintain your equipment.

Today, finding the best fire suppression system requires one quick call: (833) 686-3473. Or, contact us today through our website!