kitchen fire suppression systemIt is not something we like to think about, but disasters happen to businesses all the time. And in many cases, a fire is responsible. The good news is that spreading fires are preventable. This is why it is important for businesses to take proactive steps to lessen their risk. Installing a kitchen fire suppression system is one key step.

The ins and outs of a kitchen fire suppression system

In most cases, when a fire occurs the sprinklers will turn on or someone will grab a fire extinguisher. While these can be effective tools, fires sometimes spread very quickly. Often, they may be out of reach of the sprinkler system or be no match for an extinguisher. In many instances, a fire could start without anyone being present. This is where a kitchen fire suppression system comes in.

From the moment a fire starts, the system goes into action. Utilizing wet chemicals, the system stops the fire before it can do much damage. In addition, it cools the entire area, which prevents things like grease from re-igniting.

The best suppression systems come from Ansul

When looking for a suppression system for your business, Ansul is a company to consider. For years, Ansul has produced top-of-the-line equipment that utilizes the most effective liquid agents for dousing fires.

Does your kitchen have a fire suppression system?

Any type of business with a kitchen has to take all of the necessary precautions for safety. If your kitchen does not have a suppression system, Steel Mountain Fire & Safety can install one. We can give you a complete retro-fit that will be in compliance with all codes. If you have a new business, we will ensure your kitchen is safe from day one. For a free quote or to get answers to any questions you may have, please contact us.